Dollar General Jobs

Research the main careers website to figure out which Dollar General jobs suit your qualifications.There are never any guarantees but chances are, there are many Dollar General jobs in your area stores. The easiest way to find store careers available in your area right now is to go on the official website and click on the “store careers” navigation bar. From there you can press the “apply online” button and it’ll take you to another page. On this page you can search for all the available openings in your area.

You can specify the type of Dollar General jobs you want or you can simply select the distance from your house and enter your ZIP Code to get back a whole bunch of listings. For example, when I typed in my area code as well as a 20 mile radius, I got back over 50 listings in my area. These listings were for sales associate, assistant store manager, and lead sales associate positions. After that it becomes a matter of choosing your appropriate career and filling out and pressing the send button on the Dollar General application to get you started in the right direction.

Pick the Right Dollar General Jobs For You

As a sales associate you are going to be the first person a customer comes into contacts with. Your job description, in essence, is to stock the merchandise and to perform all the duties you need to to maximize the store’s profitability. You also have to maintain customer satisfaction, and to protect the company assets.

This is the most basic of all Dollar General jobs but it still has plenty of challenges and the duties of a sales associate includes;

  • unloading trucks
  • building merchandise displays
  • restocking merchandise
  • helping customers find merchandise
  • greeting customers
  • collecting payment from customers and giving them change
  • assisting with the ordering of merchandise as needed
  • maintaining the overall cleanliness of the store.

You will be required to have good interpersonal and communication skills, you should understand the safety policies, and you should also have basic math skills and the ability to perform cash register functions.

It is not absolutely essential, but for the sales associate position, a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) is preferred for Dollar General jobs.

As an assistant store manager you’re in charge of supervising store employees. You will also be responsible for managing inventory and the effective presentation of all the merchandise while ensuring a safe work environment for customers and employees. This is probably the most crucial of the Dollar General jobs because the store manger will count on your help for virtually all aspects of managing the store and ensuring the store is profitable.

Your duties as an assistant store manager will include; opening the store at least two days per week and closing the store for the same amount of days, managing the store when the store managers not present, ensuring that the merchandise is stocked according to the established practices set by the store manager, conducting safety meetings to maintain a clean environment in a safe environment, providing customer service leadership and setting an example for your employees, and completing all the paperwork according to the guidelines set forth by the company.

As far as knowledge and skills for this position, you should be able to read and interpret documents well, perform math calculations including percentages, know how to handle cash for the accountability of deposit control, have effective oral and written communication skills, have effective interpersonal skills, be organized, and the ability to solve problems and deal with a variety of situations.

For assistant store manager, a high school diploma or equivalent is preferred, and one year experience in a retail environment as well as six months as a supervisor is also preferred. If you have any college under your belt and you have either graduated with an Associates or Bachelor degree go ahead and fill out the Dollar General application for this position as a means of gaining entry into a management position with this company.

Jobs at Dollar General are Challenging and Rewarding

As you can see, the jobs listed so far carry many responsibilities that are easily learned and you will find a job here that will reward you in more ways than one!

The Lead sales associate position as one of the Dollar General jobs that can really help you get ahead and set your sights on a management position.

With this position, you will act in a lead capacity when the store manager or assistant store manager are not present. In other words, you will be completely in charge! You will pretty much have all of the duties that a regular sales associate performs but you have the added responsibilities described above and you will be in a position where you should be able to show leadership skills.

There are just a few positions to choose from within this company at the store level and each one has a clear explanation of the qualifications preferred. Take the time to look through each job description on the main DG careers website so you can get an accurate idea of where you are right now in your career and where you would like to be in the future. Set goals for yourself and do your best to reach them within a specified amount of time. Once you have a plan of success, go out there and get one of the Dollar General jobs so you can reach your goals.